Dealing with the online haters

Posted on: 15 June 2021

Something I have struggled with all my life is negativity. Whether it’s to do with my writing or the way I look, we all have felt negativity in our lives. However, what I want to talk about today is negativity in writing. People trying to put you down because you’re ‘different’ or you aren’t like everybody else in your year. It’s hard, I can’t lie. People are going to want to put you down, people are going to say nasty comments and that’s the sad reality.

When I first started writing on Wattpad I was in a bubble. I was receiving so many nice comments from strangers and that made me feel excited and like I was doing something great. Yet like all things that do well, I started to receive some negative comments. People saying, they didn’t enjoy my writing, that I was wrong, I was promoting something that wasn’t right. Yes, criticism can help and it can force you to improve. Yet it still hurts and to the young teenager that was reading them, it hurt me.

As I’ve become older, I’ve learnt that it isn’t personal. At least I pretend like it isn’t. Instead? I channel that anger into my writing. I turn it into something good. I don’t ignore it because I can’t. It’ll keep me up at night so I do something better. I write about it.

The hate that hurts most is from those who are close to you. I remember the first time it happened to me; a family member challenged Blonde Bitch about its appropriateness. They couldn’t believe that I’d write such a book. My reaction? I was heartbroken. However, you can’t please everyone. You are never going to please everyone and even if you did that would be boring. Where’s the genius in that?

People are going to hate if you are doing something good. That’s something I have learnt. Those kids who are calling you a nerd at school? Your friends who are saying that writing a book isn’t even that good? They won’t matter. None of it will matter because you are doing something great and that’s all that matters.
When situations like that happened to me, I sat myself down and read all the positive and amazing reviews of my book.

Negativity and hate are important but you can’t let them control you. If we didn’t have the hate, the positive comments wouldn’t be worth as much, would they? So, sit down and realize, you are great and you are doing something great. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be hating.

Annabelle x

Annabelle Shaw