How do you write a good book?

Posted on: 7 June 2021

How do you write a good book? It’s the question on everybody’s lips. It’s a question that annoyingly, doesn’t have a simple answer. One answer could make sense to you but confuse another. That’s the beauty of writing a good book: there is no calculation. There is no checklist, well not literally. It’s up to you. Don’t let that scare you! I’ll explain a little more shall I.

When I first started writing I didn’t plan. I didn’t research, I didn’t schedule anything, I just started writing. It was so spontaneous; it was so sudden yet every time I started to write everything fell into place. Friends of mine however have spent years crafting and planning their books, researching and editing. That works for them. That’s how they write a good book. Me? I just write and hope for the best.

People often ask me “Annabelle how can you just write?” and I smile. I enjoy it. I don’t think about how many reads it will get or how many copies it’ll sell. I write as if no one is going to read it, I use it as a journal sort of, my personal little diary. Stop obsessing over the result and start obsessing over the enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy it what is the point in even writing?

I’ve started plenty of books thinking they’d be incredible and yet in my eyes they were not. Write: don’t let fear stop you. Do what you love, write what you love and others will love it too. As writers, we write what people are too afraid to say. After all, a drop of ink will make a million think. Write what you’re most afraid to and there you have it; that’s a good book.

A good book isn’t defined by the number of reads in my opinion its defined by how it touches people. A good book is whatever you make it to be. You’re the writer; so write. It sounds simple but it makes the world of difference. We have a talent; we have something that no one can take from us.

A good book is defined by how good you think you are. Write off the cuff like I did, write after hours of planning, see what works for you and your good book will come, when you least expect it to.

Annabelle Shaw