What is the message of Blonde Bitch?

Posted on: 11 July 2021

When I read books, I always wonder “what was the author thinking?” Perhaps it’s the English student in me but I always wonder “why?” As an author myself, there is always a why. Some small some big. I didn’t even realize the why at the time. But as each chapter ended the why became clearer to me. So I thought, why not share some of my “why’s” with you all. A little insight into my head I suppose!  

My story began as a very bored teenager, that was my problem: I was bored. I started writing Blonde Bitch because I was bored. With no real writing experience, I didn’t think I was even any good at writing. But I didn’t care because I enjoyed it. It’s a weird feeling, realizing when you are good at something you’ve always wanted to be good at, you just never dug deep enough, I had never dug deep enough.  

What’s the message in Blonde Bitch?  

As a teenage girl myself, I understand the societal pressures of being ‘perfect’ and then this feeling of actually never being good enough. I think we all feel it we just don’t talk about it. To me, this was a platform to say what others were too afraid to say. It was scary, talking about taboo topics that I’d never seen addressed before.  

So, what is the why?  

 I wanted to show that even the richest, the prettiest, the ‘best’ people can still be affected by mental-health. They aren’t perfect. I think it’s easy to see the bitchiness of the book however why are they bitchy? Because it’s how they hide who they really are. They don’t want to be who they really are.  

Ivy Lowell is a metaphor. She doesn’t just represent the ‘mean’ girl but instead every girl you could ever look at and say “I bet her life is perfect.” She represents the girl that other girls are jealous of and how that girl is probably jealous of you in some way.  

So, my why? To show that you are never alone. We aren’t alone. Our feelings are our own yes, however we all have feelings. And it’s time we all talk about it.  

Annabelle Shaw