Blonde Bitch

by Annabelle Shaw

Ivy Lowell is trouble – a mystery to all but herself.

She is a girl full of venom, with many fellow students falling at her feet in the prestigious Bonnaire Prep School. But no one is perfect. Ivy certainly isn’t.

After a year abroad, Ivy has returned home. However, nothing is as it seems, nothing is like she expected, nothing is like it used to be. Her best friend is dating her boyfriend. Her mother is dead. Her father has remarried.

Join Ivy as she works her way through her new life, dealing with other spoilt students who are desperate to steal her title as most popular person at school.

Can she find love and friendship again? More importantly: can she get her crown back?

Expect the unexpected…

  • Published June 2021
  • Publisher SilverWood Books
  • ISBN 9781800420755
  • Paperback 198 x 129mm (252 pages)
  • RRP £9.99
  • Kindle £3.39
Blonde Bitch by Annabelle Shaw

“This book can simply be described as a masterpiece. You truly are an amazing writer.”


Annabelle Shaw